Martha Wanna Be #2

Due to a two week vacation and a night shift of three nights just after the vacation, I couldn't work much on my to do list. After just two weeks of absence a lot of things were going on, like a dual boiler that didn't heat the water anymore, but made the central heating in the house hit record temperatures, like our Flemish giant Haasje who had a very red eye and looked like he was very miserable and thus had to be taken to the vet, like my old school friend who has cancer and is now weakening very fast. Enough to make doing chores around the house less important. 

This week's list

Baking and Cooking
Cocos pineapple smoothie ✅
Baklava ✅
Honey, fruit and yoghurt toast
Broccoli Cheddar Quiche
Caramelized Garlic Tart ✅
Herbed quiche with Blue Cheese
Quinoa Salad
Citrus Juice
Cake with Mirror Glaze →
Lemon Poppy Seed Biscuits
Herbed Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

Lights Garland 
Citronella candles for outdoors
Lemonade dispenser
Solar lampion ✅
Spathiphyllum ✅
Bookshelves behind…

Martha Wanne Be #1

Last week's list:

For my own convenience I arranged all chores by subject. Some of them are categorized under more than one subject.
Baking and Cooking lemon cookies lemon pancakes ✅ broccoli with walnut vinaigrette ✅ rhubarb fool rhubarb muffins cake for King's Day ✅ Iranian cookies ✅
Seeds ✅
Spathiphyllum ✅

Cleaning book shelves behind couch ✅ remove webs ✅ organize bathroom baskets ✅ wash comforters Y&R ✅
 clean washing machine ✅ smudge the house put baking soda in the walk in closet ✅
Crafting cactus hanging lantern ✅ clay bunny hand drawn seed packs ✅ Myrte's bag ✅ lavender soap
Decorating cactus Spathiphyllum ✅
hanging lantern ✅ candle jar ✅
Making anti bug spray ✅ moth repellent sachets reusable dryer sheets ✅


Broccoli with walnut vinaigrette
I altered some things in the original recipe. Instead of broccoli, in the original recipe cauliflower is used, but although I'm not a picky eater cauliflower is one of few that I really dislike. …

Martha Wanna Be #0

For years I received e-mails from Martha Stewart in my inbox (no personal mails of course, just the mails everybody can subscribe to) but never did anything with them. Most of the time they were deleted the moment they came in. I don't even remember why I ever subscribed to them, I think because of the craft ideas that comes with them sometimes. 
Since a couple of weeks though, I actually open and read the mails and use the tips and tricks that I can use. Especially the cleaning tips, because like most people (but this is just a wild guess, of course) I rather do funnier things than cleaning my house all the time. 
What I do is making a list of all the tips and tricks in the Martha Stewart mails for one week, so they can be done in the following week. I bought a notebook especially for this purpose. The great thing about lists is that I can check off the things that are done. And man, does it feel good to see the list becoming shorter and shorter each week. 
I started this blog m…